Fedex Drivers

Finding and keeping the right drivers for your route is crucial to your success. We can help make that happen with our experienced team of recruiters familiar with all that is takes to staff Fed Ex drivers. We find and fully vet prospective candidates and then provide you with the contact information of those candidates. We can also provide an additional service of walking the candidates through the whole recruiting process from finding the drivers to the point at which they are approved and ready to road test.

Driver Recruiting

Bright Flag Recruiting can help you find, vet, and hire the right kind of drivers for your company. We can also carry your prospective hires through the process to make sure they have what they need to be successful.

Office Staff Recruiting

Finding your company the right office staff is crucial to the success of your business. Good team members are worth their weigh in gold. Let Bright Flag Recruiting assist you in finding the best candidates for your current open positions.

Other Recruiting Services

At Bright Flag Recruiting we are not just great at recruiting drivers, let us know what other recruiting needs you have and we will make sure to find you candidates that are the perfect fit for your company.